Friday, 24 November 2017

Monthly Review of my Passive Income [June - Oct 2017]

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Monthly passive income from Stocks and Unit Trusts reduce to $1493.17/month.
So far, performance is not as good as compare to last year's result.

1 more month to year end.
What have you achieve this year?
Time to do some reflection.


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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Netlink Trust (in case you cant see it)

"It was all around us. Just that we are not aware" by some of the value investor seminar I attended before and it is true. 

Was crossing road and saw "this" by Netlink Trust and recently IPO-ed.

Btw when is their financial report and dividend payout date?

Taking abit too long

Friday, 20 October 2017


41-for-100 rights issue at US$0.695 each has been 1.34x subscribed. Gross proceeds of US$208m will be used to part-finance the acquisition of its flagship office building in New Jersey.

See below video for more info =)

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Update on Cache Logistics Trust's rights issue

- 18-for-100 rights issue at $0.63 apiece has been subscribed by 1.87x.

- The $102.7m rights proceeds will be used to pare debt, with aggregate leverage expected to be lowered from 43.4% to 35.5%.

- Pro forma FY16 DPU will be diluted to 6.882¢ from 7.725¢ from the 18% increase in unit base

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Sold CMT with nett profit ;)

STI Market has been running high non stop, this few days market has been rather weak. Only Bank stocks (DBS, OCBC & UOB) are running and basically the bank counters determine if STI should landed in green or red for the day.

For me, i prefer to take profit.
These few days, i had been take profit on few of my favourite counters such as FEHT, ThaiBev and today CMT.

No right or wrong answer. Market might go up and higher or go down and lower, only god knows and big boys know.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Sold FEHT with nett profit ;)

Not intending to fight the Market, decided to sell off all my holding in FEHT. FEHT has been a slow and steady counter. Last month, it finally wake up from his long sleep.

Nevertheless, FEHT is one of the undervalue REIT comparing to all its REIT peers and is yielding around 6% dividend yield per year.

My only concern is that FEHT does not have fancy growth news like its industry peers such as OUE HT or CDL HT. Therefore came to my conclusion: Fight another day!

Sold ThaiBev with nett profit ;)

Market has been quite weak lately, SG Market had been affected and I decided to take profit on one of my Favourite Counter: ThaiBev.

See my older ThaiBev related post below

1. Added THAIBEV into Portfoilio =)
2. Sold Thaibev and ST Engineering with nett profit ;)

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Yeo's Fun Series Can Drink

In the earlier post,
I shared about Yeo's Fun Cola.
You can view it here again.

Today, I was at Giant supermarket (by Dairy Farm) I notice another new "Fun" series product. This time round are Zesty Citrus and Lemon Lime Twist (both comes with Vitamin C some more)

Another plus point is that they are selling at 3 for $1 only and if you have Passion Card or is using Credit Card to pay, you get some rebate back. In short, it is less than a dollar for 3 cans.

Havnt try it yet. Therefore no sharing on the taste portion but I guess it won't be that bad either. How bad can it be with sugar inside? Haha.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

NetLink Trust & Union Gas IPO

Yeah! Manage to get 3000 shares via IPO balloting.

1st Sigh: for the past dont know how many IPOs, price always (without fail) open higher than indicated IPO amount. This time round, open flat. Zzzz

2nd sigh: ok fine... price open flat.
2 days had past, price didnt went up but instead it went down till $0.80. Hello... Is it a trap or what? haha. quite disappointing.

well... it's a business trust, people say.
lets wait for the consistent dividend payout.

Next Upcoming: Union Gas IPO
applied but didnt manage to get any shares.
Union Gas IPO 7.1 times subscribed
Good luck to those who got shares allocated.
i guess it should open higher tomorrow.